Why is Rock and Metal Good for Health?

Fans of such a bright genre of rock, and our group The Slyde did not even imagine that, in addition to the pleasure of listening to songs, they also receive benefits. The myth that heavy metal is unhealthy has been debunked. It was evidenced by scientists from Cardiff University, the University of South Australia, and Goldsmiths University.

Researchers wanted to disprove the general notion of the negative impact of heavy metal music on health. So, they've found that social community and musical interaction have a positive effect on the psychological mood of young metal fans.

The Influence of Metal on the Psyche

Two researchers of the University of South Australia found that "metal" had a positive effect on young people aged 18-24. You can find the research in a study entitled "Contextualizing the mental health of young metalheads.”

The researchers found that social community and musical interaction had a positive effect on the psychological mood of young metal fans. Despite the widespread perception of the negative impact of heavy music on health. The study involved 23 Australian boys and five girls. All respondents stated that they strongly associate themselves with "metal" and feel that this community protects them from mental illness.

According to the survey, all these young people had four main things in common:

  • they were bullied or ignored at school;
  • being outcasts or feeling angry, they enjoyed the influence of heavy music and lyrics;
  • they felt protected within the metal community, although in many cases this feeling was more imaginary at their age;
  • adherence to "metal" helped them resist offenders, as well as find friends.

The researchers concluded that the "metal" community and heavy music help young people deal with personal problems and help them mature in the face of family or social setbacks.

It can be compared to playing in an online casino. Even if you lose, you still win. The game helps fight loneliness, social isolation, and other psychological problems. Moreover, when you get a big win, you can also solve financial problems. And you don't have to worry about the legality of your actions. is completely legal, so you can enjoy the game and feel completely safe.

The Positive Influence of Metal

Patrick Fagan, a behavioral scientist at Goldsmiths University, found that just 20 minutes of being in a rock concert resulted in a 21% improvement in overall well-being. Further research revealed a direct correlation between "a high level of well-being and an increase in life expectancy by nine years."

Study participants underwent special psychometric tests and heart rate tests. They showed:

  • an increase in self-esteem (25%), 
  • increase feelings of closeness (25%) 
  • mental arousal (75%) after attending a rock concert. 

The study also found that those who attend bi-weekly concerts were the most likely to experience feelings of "happiness, satisfaction, and self-respect at the highest level."

Despite the violent content and rhythm of many of the songs, fans are not becoming more angry or rude. The study also showed that heavy metal fans are more adapted to life in society. Such music is an effective way to overcome anger and transform it into positive emotions. When an angry person began to listen to heavy metal, they changed the anger into positive emotions. But it should be borne in mind that music will only have such an impact on heavy metal fans. If a person does not like this genre, this effect will not happen.

It is worth noting that many scientific works prove the positive effect of the metal. A similar study in 2016 found that heavy music helped listeners get rid of "existential anxiety" and thoughts about death.


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