The Slyde – Rock Band Canadian Metal Champs

The Slyde – Rock Band Canadian Metal Champs

The Slyde are the winners of the 2019 Wacken Metal Battle. They faced stiff competition from some of the best bands in the world.

Their winning came as a surprise as they were the underdogs in the final competition. It was, however, not that shocking since the band has been producing good music for years.

Their success in the Wacken Metal Battle in Germany was a stepping stone for them, and they are showing drastic improvement in their art. You can access all their songs, albums, and performances on YouTube.

Meet the Team

Slyde's music is driven by Nathan Da Silva's elegant vocals and passionate guitar work. His voice is impressive and is easily recognizable. This band also features Sarah Westbrook, who is known for her excellent virtuosic keyboard skills.

Alberto Campuzano is the one behind the fantastic bass sounds, and Andrew Suarez is the sensational drummer who steals the hearts of most fans.

This is the team responsible for the achievement in Germany. They work together to produce music that is catchy, vibrant, and educational. Every one of them brings unique skills, and they combine them to create masterpiece performances every time.

The Journey

The Slyde released their first record in 2011 entitled "Feed the Machine." Their music was inspiring, and that was what set the stage for them. They began their music career as "Slyde," then later changed to "The Slyde."

Since then, the band always strives to achieve its mission. The fans love them for their quirky arrangements, aggressive edge, and ominous lyrics. 

2018 was the year when the brighter days started manifesting after dropping their ten-track album. Their performance was well accepted, and that was the album that placed them on the competitive international radar.

The album was a success that even the critics gave positive reviews about their performances. One of them stated their art as "highly impressive."

The Slyde has played over 200 shows in Canada and abroad. They have been able to work alongside some of the reputable brands such as Protest the Hero, Angra, and Danny Fuchs.

Their performance in "The Awakening" gave them so much respect in the industry. This is what made it easy for the band to work with the big names. It is one of their best-selling works so far.

Why Fans Love The Slyde

This section consists of extracts from fans' reviews about the band's music. You will never feel bored or overwrought after listening to their songs. They produce well-balanced and entertaining rhythms.

It is easy to relate to their lyrics as they talk about current issues facing the world. This is what separates them from other bands who compose pretentious lyrics.

The band mainly focuses on sociopolitical and environmental issues. These are areas that we need to improve on if we want to create a better world.

It is amazing how they combine the educational aspect of their music with the vibrant beats to produce lively and dynamic music.

Their music has this incredible energy that makes you feel lively. You will find yourself dancing and enjoying the rhythm.

The Amazing Shows

The Slyde started by performing to its Canadian fans before moving to the international scene. They still perform in various events sponsored by them or other institutions.

Their international fans still have a chance to experience their work live. The Slyde travels around the world to ensure that they entertain all their supporters.

Are You Ready to Rock?

The Slyde is here to stay and provide unique performances to you. All you have to do is stay posted about their next performances. Get more information by following them on their social media pages.

You will have an experience like no other in The Slyde's concerts. The band has a unique way of bringing people from all walks of life under one roof. Attend one of their concerts and see how music brings people together.

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